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September 22, 2011


Mike Wagner

Sounds like we've gone full circle...again. When I graduated from Dallas Seminary in 1981 the subject most frequently talked about was disciple-making.

Thanks for the post Paul. Good to get your take on things...as always.

We still need to visit over coffee about the Keller/Clowney class on preaching to post-modern society.

Keep creating...with kindness,


I love this post, Paul. This is deeply on my heart as well, though as a woman, I feel the need for there to be clear teaching in the church about discipleship, and leaders who model it for the men as well as for the women. What do you think are some practical ways that men and women can live this out, right now, at Gateway?
Also, you talked about character in some general terms, but do you have any key disciplines that you believe a person needs to truly be choosing to implement in their own lives before they start "discipling" others? This may look different for different people, but are there any disciplines that are pretty essential to anyone who wishes to follow Jesus and make disciples for Him?

I was also very intrigued when you said, "what is the church's plan for making disciples?" So I wondered, what is this plan for Gateway?

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