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August 05, 2011


Phil Zarns

Solid commentary. Without that common experience with the holy spirit, we may see splintering in the future on a macro level. Hoping to see a great trend in this organization; Not just in numerical growth, but in maturity for the younger generation, and in invitation from the elder.

It's because of external and internal struggle that this organization will survive and thrive. Hopefully.

Micah Hildreth


As one old pentecostal leader used to say, God has no spiritual grandchildren. Depending on the faith and experiences of our predecessors is insufficient. We need a fresh encounter with the living God.

Tom Jacobs

Thanks for the insights, Paul. It seems like we are experiencing a change in our corner of the Pentecostal movement. More permission-giving, increased concern for the needs of our communities and a broadening awareness of the contributions of our spiritual forefathers and those from other Christ-centered traditions. This is an exciting time to pursue a fresh experience of God.

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