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June 21, 2011


Colleen Corliss

That video was just amazing!
God set me free about 2 years ago and He works with me day by day to show me how to live in Liberty. He is currently working to free me physically from pain that I have caused myself and He is using food to do it. And by "food" I mean the closer to Creation the food is, the better! He has taken me deep into the spiritual meanings behind food and things like nourishment. Every time I turn around He shows me another social issue wrapped up in food, I am constantly coming in contact with the suffering caused by the way the world now deals with food. But He also shows me what is being done about it and what I can do, for myself, for others...for the world.
The "food issue" runs deep for me and is one I am continuing to learn more and more about. I am currently working on writing up a Bible Study that reflects on the idea of what it actually means to "see someone thirsty and give them water", to feed and to clothe them etc. The implications of what it means to "feed someone" are incredibly profound!
Thank you so much for this posting!

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