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January 28, 2010



Gateway is a place I can celebrate what God is doing and take part in what He wants to do in both me and my community.


I've so enjoyed coming to your church, I can even say, I look forward to Sunday mornings. Its been a long time since I've said that. Thank you for helping me get my life back. You make it a joy for me, something I look forward to every week!

Amber L

Our culture is divided in so many ways, and it so often seems like an “us vs. them” mentality—with us or against us, right or left—and it has always seemed to me that God must be above all that. There must be a third way, and it is not necessarily in the middle, and it is not necessarily a compromise. Gateway Church has been to me a place to reflect on what this might mean, in my own life, and how to live it out in service to others and to God. Plus, I love the people and the community!


For me, Gateway is a place of "Do". We don't just talk about it, we make sure to be about it. ("It" being our Mission).

Everyone I have met, so far, loves God ferociously - but can also keep it real about how their life is and how they are feeling.

And, most importantly to me, we don't just stand by and watch or comment on worldly heartbreak, we DO something about it - living Jesus' example. Gateway gets the fact that witnessing to a community dying of hunger won't save them - a church must address the PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL needs in order to be effective.

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