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July 31, 2008


Justin Wise

"The right to hot french fries..." Paul, this is a great post.

After being up at Bethel, one of my classes challenged me in the same way your post did. The challenge comes when we look at Jesus and we transplant him into our modern day church.

I think what your post highlights is that Jesus would make a very unpopular pastor. His church wouldn't make very much sense and you would leave every week challenged to the highest heaven. You may even feel led at some point to accept (and even savor) an envelope of cold french fries.

I like you stuff - keep challenging!

George P. Wood


I'm with you in your critique of the philosophy of pragmatism enunciated by James, Peirce, Rorty, et al. The truth of a thing is not identical to its utility.

By the same token, however, philosophical pragmatism doesn't exhaust the meaning of pragmatism. I agree with your critique of Christians who use the faith to purchase worldly goods. But what about Christians who live to please the Lord? Isn't there faith also pragmatic, but in a good way?

Perhaps the issue isn't pragmatism per se, but the goods the pragmatist is pursuing.


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