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April 12, 2007



Boy does that ring true! There is one things that sucks about leading in your 20's... you make a lot of mistakes and each one feels like it is the biggest and most devastating. Some day when I am in my 30's that is the place where perfection sets in... (sarcasm intended)

I think the self evaluation question is... Are you leading outside of your comfort zone and abilities? If yes, then keep on keeping on... if no, then what are you waiting for? Jump in the deep end. but make sure there is a life guard on duty.

Paul Stewart

Good thoughts Tory. It is a constant re-evaluation. In the ministry it is easy to put things on "cruise-control" and be content with the status quo. The difficult part is waking up every day and challenging yourself and everyone around you to go further, jump higher, run faster, or any other metephor you think works here. This takes a lot of energy and can be discouraging at times, that's why I think Bill had it right when he said "the wildness of your heart in your 20's will propel you on into the future as a leader." The bigger your vision, the harder you will work!

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